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Purchase Notice

By making a purchase, you agree to this store policy and accept the shop policies.

- Please make sure you are purchasing the correct filter. As this is a digital product, we cannot offer refunds or exchanges for incorrect purchases.

- We are not Lightroom technicians. We only provide tutorials to set up presets. If you need support with Lightroom, it is your responsibility to seek support through Lightroom customer service. By purchasing, you accept and agree to this policy.

- By purchasing, you acknowledge that you understand how to use Lightroom and have a basic understanding of editing on a smartphone or app. We cannot help you with Lightroom app issues. We only provide filters.

— Presets are available for download for 30 days. We recommend that you download and store your presets on your device or cloud service. New links/presets will not be resent.

— Please make sure to back up your presets. We are not responsible for lost presets.

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