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*This is a preset for digital cameras.

 This product is for people who edit on a Lightroom Classic.



 Milos is a preset created by photographer Shinpei Takagi.

 With presets specialized for digital camera photos, you can create beautiful portraits, landscapes, snapshots, and other photos.

 The texture is soft yet firm, allowing you to express a gentle, colorful world.

 The person's skin will also be given a clear, moist finish.

 It has sharp colors like foreign portraits, and some fading in the shadow areas.


 -Purchase Notice-

 *PC version presets are in .xmp format.

 *The product includes two types of presets: one for Raw and one for jpeg.

 Please use it according to the shooting data.

 *Adobe Lightroom Classic is required to use this service.

 Lightroom Classic is a subscription service offered by Adobe.

 Please note that this is a paid application.

 *The final result will vary depending on the camera used.

 *Please adjust the brightness and white balance to suit the photo.

 *PC version presets are in .xmp format.

[PC version] Lightroom presets for digital cameras "Milos" RAW & JPEG set

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