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 Saki Shibata Produced Presets

 Saki Shibata posts photos of her wonderful lifestyle and fascinating travels.

 A new preset called "Feroa" has been born under the production of Saki Shibata!


 Tint : This filter features a faded texture and classic, soft, muted colors. By reducing contrast and saturation, it can be easily matched with any photo.

 The colors that Saki Shibata has carefully selected add a stylish atmosphere to everyday snapshots and landscape photos taken on trips.

 Saki Shibata (ASOBISYSTEM): Fashion model

 A model from Aichi Prefecture who is affectionately known as "Shibasaki" by women of all ages.

 As a fashion model, she has appeared on the cover of the popular women's fashion magazine "mer" for 12 consecutive months.

 He also produces many products and is active in a wide range of fields, appearing in magazines as well as TV commercials.


 "Turn your favorite photo into a precious one"

 These presets allow you to easily edit photos taken with the standard iPhone camera.


 The product contains one type of preset. It comes with a Lightroom setting manual, so anyone can set it up easily. *The manual is only compatible with iPhone.

 First, download the photo editing app "Adobe Lightroom CC" from the App Store onto your iPhone.

 App store "Adobe Lightroom CC" (No in-app paid plan required. Can be used for free.)

 -Purchase Notice-

 This preset is made for iPhone cameras. It can also be used with photos from Android and other digital cameras, but please note that the final color may differ.

Lightroom presets for iPhone: "Feroa"

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