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 By using presets, you can instantly make photos taken with your iPhone's standard camera look beautiful.

 DRIVE-IN is a preset created by photographer Yui Takagi.

 You can edit it to create refreshing and warm colors that give it a resort feel.

 Its colors are easy for anyone to use and go well with any type of photo.

 The skin has also been adjusted to give it a lustrous, white finish, making it ideal for portrait photography.

 The texture and color are just like those of a single-lens reflex camera, allowing you to beautifully preserve the memories you have taken with your iPhone.


 The product contains one type of preset. It comes with a manual on how to set up Lightroom, so anyone can set it up easily. *The manual is only compatible with iPhone.

 First, download the photo editing app "Adobe Lightroom CC" from the App Store onto your iPhone.

 App store "Adobe Lightroom CC" (No in-app paid plan required. Can be used for free)

 -Purchase Notice-

 This preset is made for iPhone cameras. It can also be used with photos from Android and other digital cameras, but please note that the final color may differ.

Lightroom preset for iPhone "DRIVE-IN"

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